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July 30, 2008

Bimbo Limbo

Bimbo is a word that should be used more often. Nowadays, we get cruder sounding words like skank or slitch. I remember hearing “bimbo” on an episode of Laverne and Shirley and have liked it ever since. Here are my top bimbos:

1. Denise Richards. Her reality show on E shows her in all her bimbo glory. I don’t care if she’s a mother.

2. Brooke and Donna Logan on the soap The Bold and The Beautiful. I know they are fictional, but these blond, men-sharing hussies(another good word) can’t be beat in bimboland.

3. Beth Ostrosky. Radio shock jock Howard Stern’s fiance. She’s a bimbo with a heart of gold. Her goal is to save the animals while looking stylish. Bimbo Beth O even rhymes.

I’m not saying being a bimbo is a bad thing. It takes a certain skill to play men like this.


July 27, 2008

What Makes Me Different from the Other Writer/Bloggers

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Hello. I am the billionth freelance writer to start a blog. Where is my prize? I’ve been freelance writing and researching for eight years and have just put on the blogger hat. I have a big head so I hope it fits. I’m mainly a book reviewer for online and print, but I’ve also written quizzes, profiles, and medical articles. I’ve ghostwritten keyword articles for websites(how many times can I put the keyword “wine” in an article without getting drunk), and my latest writing effort was at I’ve just finished a year-long assignment with a major search engine as a researcher, and I’m hoping I can get hired on again in a few months.

What makes me different from other writers is I won’t be complaining about juggling writing and kids even though I would like to try to juggle kids(hope I don’t drop any). No kids, no pets, no problem. Other than chronicling my very exciting writing life, I hope to add some celebrity snark. I will recommend books like a fifth-rate Oprah. I just finished reading Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich(not her best but a fun summer read) and am now reading a book about the TV show Ugly Betty. I’m a TV addict who shoots up sitcoms, reality shows, and soaps. I will also talk about the occasional travel; I just came back from Williamburg, Virginia where I stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park. One word to describe it: “wet”.  I think I’ve rambled enough so I will go find children for my juggling act.

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