Niki Taylor, Freelance Writer and Researcher


I am a freelance writer who is in between jobs, and I have decided to take up blogging. A freelance writer blogging. That’s original! So many blogging jobs require experience so I’m getting my experience now. I found out that WordPress is not ironing words.

I have a Bachelor’s of English Degree and a Master’s of Library Science degree from East Carolina University. After working in a library, I decided to switch to freelance writing in 2000. I’ve written the following:

keyword articles
book reviews
medical articles
travel articles
general reviews
book guides(similar to Cliff Notes)
and much more

I’ve written for magazines such as The Writer and Dovetail and for the websites Viewpoints, Writersweekly, FundsforWriters, and Suite101. I teach a book review class at I’ve also done research for a scholarship book for and was a Quality Rater for Now I am a title proofer at

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  1. I read your review of the Beach Cabana Woman swimsuit. I have 2 of them and love them, but I can not find them anymore. Any ideas on who is selling them. I had bought mine at Sears, but they say they can’t even find the name in their inventory files. When I searched the web, your review came up.

    thx – Glenda

    Comment by glenda smith — July 27, 2008 @ 1:26 am | Reply

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