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November 4, 2009

Hodgepodge of Happenings

As usual, it has been forever since I last posted. I have a good excuse. I lost my blog. It’s complicated, and it will make you savvier bloggers laugh at me.

I’m still proofreading for Demand Studios. I enjoy it and hopes it lasts forever.

We went to the mountains a couple of weeks ago, and it was perfect. We went for the fall colors, but we ended up seeing a different color, white. It snowed. In North Carolina. In October. As a cold weather person, I was in heaven. The combination of the snow and leaves was great.

Lots of books and movies news. Vamp time. I’ve read the Twilight Series. I’ve read the Sookie Stackhouse series. Now I’m reading the Laurell Hamilton vampire series. Will the bloodsuckers stop haunting me?

To be read: a new Monk book, Georgia Nicolson book(fabbity fab in her UK speak), Uncle John Bathroom Book I got at a used book sale, and a Kathryn Lilley book where the heroine deals with weight issues.

DVD news. I broke down and got the first season of True Blood on DVD. I don’t usually get TV series on DVD, but I don’t have HBO, and I loved the books. The show is wild in a fun way. I also got Grease 2 in the Walmart bargain bin. Not as good as the original, but it has catchy songs. Let’s bowl, Let’s bowl. Let’s rock n roll.

To cap off my perfect mountain trip, I found Shag the movie. Thanks to Austin Powers, the word shag makes people giggle, but in South Carolina beach music, it means dancing. It came out 20 years ago, and it is about four girls going to Myrtle Beach in 1963. It has great music including  the song Rock and Roll(It Will Stand) by Johnny O’Keefe  I had forgotten about  and was thrilled to rediscover. It was choreographed by Kenny Ortega who choreographed my favorite movie, Dirty Dancing.

Speaking of DD, it was sad when Patrick Swayze died. DD was a big influence in my teen years. An article about a Swayze Memorial in Lake Lure, NC brought back memories of how I, as an awestruck teen, went to the camp in Lake Lure where DD was filmed. I also went to Mountain Lake Resort in Virginia where DD was filmed. Time of My Life is a perfect title for Swayze’s autobiography which is on my library reserve list. RIP Patrick.

Another sad moment over the summer was when Guiding Light ended. It was also a big part of my life. Roger and Holly. Philip and Beth. Jonathan Randall. Soaps get a bad rap, but I have many happy memories of GL.

Now I’m getting ready for the Winter. We have a Xmas trip to Williamsburg, Va, and of course the holidays. Maybe we’ll see snow in Eastern NC, but  at least I’ve seen the fall snow.


June 27, 2009

A Fellow MRKH Sister

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I know it’s been ages since I’ve written. I haven’t been inspired to write, but another blog has gotten my butt into gear. is written by a woman who also has MRKH which I referred to in Her blog is very funny and tender as she prepares for marriage and gestational surrogacy.  Even though I decided not to have kids, so many of her feelings echo mine. I applaud her for her honesty as she demonstrates MRKH is not a dirty secret.

As for me, I still have my editing  job. I’m coping with the summer heat. My dream is to live somewhere where the temp does not get above 80. Since my last post, I went to Myrtle Beach before it got so hot and crowded. I also had surgery for an ovarian cyst so it’s me and my one ovary now. Thankfully, my health is fine.

You know I love to talk about the books. I got all the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris and am going through them. I need some cool vampires for this heat. The HBO show True Blood is based on the books. I’ve never seen the show, but usually the books are better than the movies/shows. Have a good summer!

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